The Martian

What team spirit! The Wyatt Lab paused a moment to enjoy The Martian at the Athena Grand. What did the experts think?

Wyatt Lab Martian Break


Team Gravitron Launches Falcon9 Scale Model

Tuesday, December 16th, 2:31 EDT – Wyatt Lab Team Graviton Members celebrated the BRIC-20 spaceflight experiment by launching a scale model of the Falcon9 rocket at 2:31 pm in Bicentennial Park on Ohio University Campus. Originally, the Athens launch was set to correspond exactly with the NASA launch at the Kennedy Space Center but NASA pushed their launch back to December 19th.

Fun Science – Ice Custard Friday

You might not be surprised that just a five minute walk from the Wyatt Lab you can enjoy Whit’s Frozen Custard a one-of-a-kind frozen custard experience that originated in Granville, Ohio. But you may be surprised when you show up to the lab on an extra-hot Friday afternoon to find the lab empty …

At least that’s what happened last Friday!