Adam Cook Recognized With Undergraduate Research Award

Adam Cook – Student ResearcherWyatt Lab research assistant Adam Cook has been selected as the recipient of the 2014-15 Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Undergraduate Research Award. Recipients of the prestigious award are nominated by sponsoring faculty members in recognition of their exceptional level and quality of research. The purpose of the award is to encourage and facilitate the involvement of undergraduate students in a significant research effort with faculty mentors. Congratulations, Adam!

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Adam Cook Awarded PURF Grant

Congratulations to Wyatt Lab research assistant Adam Cook! The Engineering, Health, Math, and Science Selection Committee awarded Cook the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) grant. The grant will fund direct expenses related to his research along with conferences to present research. Cook will present his award-winning research at the Ohio University Research and Creative Activity Expo during the spring semester. Way to go, Adam!

My Plant Story – Adam Cook

Adam Cook – Student ResearcherThe Fuzzybush
Adam Cook

My grandmother and grandfather, better known as Mimi and Pappy, own a house and a surrounding three acres of land. As a child my mother would drop off my sister and me at their house before she went to work. We were accompanied by our two cousins most of the time. Upon turning onto Holly Drive a full view of Mimi and Pappy’s glorious property presents itself at the end of a cul-de-sac and my mind would race with all the possible activities to be done that day.

On Mimi and Pappy’s property were a wide variety of plants: apple trees that seemed to rain down fruit, lavender under the hammock, and all the climbing trees a six-year-old boy could desire. Most noteably, there was the fuzzybush. The fuzzybush was a large smokebush growing next to a pond in the backyard that was transplanted from my great-grandmother’s property years ago. We always started off the day by walking in to find our grandparents pretending to be asleep—an antic still heavily practiced in our family—and racing off the back patio into the yard. The fuzzybush was our summertime bowery. 

Its tantilizing tan flowers and the shade it provided always kept us hornery kids occupied. We were wont to spend the better part of our day under the bush playing house or taking advantage of its low sprawling limbs to nap on. The smokey flowers of the fuzzybush became a sacred backyard relic. They became the main ingrediants in mudpies and imaginary boats floating on the surface of the water. We were entertained by their graceful descent when a gust of wind jostled them and challenged to swipe them out of the air before they touched ground. The fuzzybush still stands in Mimi and Pappy’s backyard and is perhaps the most evocative image of my childhood nostalgia. 

Meet Adam Cook, Student Researcher

Adam Cook – Student Researcher

  • BS, Environmental Plant Biology, Ohio University (expected 2016)

Adam is from Washington Court House, Ohio and is currently a junior at Ohio University working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Plant Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Adam joined the Wyatt Lab in Feburary of 2014. His research includes the characterization and cloning of the Arabidopsis mutant gps2, and the microarray analysis of genes found to be differentially expressed during cold gravistimulation.

A typical day in the lab for Adam may include planting or tending to Arabidopsis insertion lines, DNA and RNA extraction, running PCR and gel electrophoresis, or reading relevant literature in scientific journals. Outside of the lab he enjoys spending time in his garden, grabbing a coffee at Whit’s or Donkey uptown, and hiking trails at Stroud’s Run and The Ridges.