Proma Basu ARCC Honorable Mention


Congratulations to Proma Basu, a Wyatt Lab graduate student researcher! Basu received an Honorable Mention for her Poster Session at the November 8, 2014 Appalachian Regional Cell Conference (ARCC) hosted by Marshall University in Huntington, WV.


Way to go, Proma!


Unlocking the Black Box of Plant Response to Gravity

Sarah Wyatt, PhD

Dr. Sarah Wyatt presented “Plant Gravitropic Signal Transduction: A Network Analysis Leads to Gene Discovery” at the annual meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR) October 25th in Pasadena, CA. The presentation described recent work the lab has made toward developing a network of gene expression data that is helping them to expand the knowledge of how plants respond to gravity. Read more here.

Tech Savvy Conference hosts middle-school girls and parents

by Erica Molfeto, Ohio University

The Baker University Center was buzzing with excitement on Saturday, May 17, for Ohio University’s first-ever Tech Savvy conference.

Fifty four middle-school girls from 13 counties in Ohio and West Virginia gathered on campus to learn more about the rewarding careers that math, science and engineering have to offer.

The mission of the day, according to event chair and keynote speaker Sarah Wyatt, “”was to encourage middle school girls to continue their education in science, math and engineering. It is important because they are good paying jobs with solid futures, jobs that are increasing now with great potential for the future.” Read the rest of the article here:


Professor Sarah Wyatt talks with the students and parents about her programs research studies for NASA during the Tech Savvy workshop. Photo by Jonathan Adams, Ohio University.