The Martian

What team spirit! The Wyatt Lab paused a moment to enjoy The Martian at the Athena Grand. What did the experts think?

Wyatt Lab Martian Break


Meet Allan Poe

allanpoeB.S. Environmental and Plant Biology, 2016
Ohio University, Athens, OH

Allan hails from Concord, Ohio. He is a senior at Ohio University working towards an Environmental and Plant Biology (BS) degree with a minor in Math and Chemistry. He started working in the Wyatt Lab May 2015. This summer Allan is coming up to speed in the Lab by practicing DNA extraction and PCR and gel electrophoresis. He has also begun researching the gps2 mutant gene in order further understand the signaling and perception mechanisms during cold gravistimulation. When Allan is not in the lab he enjoys playing music, golfing, and exploring the nearby forests. His future plans include graduate school and further research on medicinal plants.

Adam Cook Recognized With Undergraduate Research Award

Adam Cook – Student ResearcherWyatt Lab research assistant Adam Cook has been selected as the recipient of the 2014-15 Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Undergraduate Research Award. Recipients of the prestigious award are nominated by sponsoring faculty members in recognition of their exceptional level and quality of research. The purpose of the award is to encourage and facilitate the involvement of undergraduate students in a significant research effort with faculty mentors. Congratulations, Adam!

Learn more about the Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Undergraduate Research Award here:

My Plant Story – Bianca Correia

My Grandma’s Plant Knowledge
by Bianca Correia

As a science researcher, I can affirm that observation is one of the major tools we have to succeed in the scientific field. Even people who do not have a diploma but have the desire to discover and raise questions can be considered scientists. The popular knowledge about nature is also a great source that must be explored and used to develop science, and I am saying that because my plant history is totally based on popular knowledge, especially from my grandma! Continue reading

Meet Bianca Correia

B.S. Exchange Student, 2016
Ohio University, Athens, OH

Bianca Correia is a Brazilian exchange student at Ohio University who is enrolled in Biotechnology as an undergraduate at her home country. Correia came to United States as part of a large scale nationwide scholarship program called Science without Borders that aims to share knowledge between the students and the foreign universities. With this purpose, Correia joined the Wyatt’s lab where she is working on a research that involves plant gravitropism mutants. She is working to identify the role of genes involved in the signaling process to figure out which gene is causing gps3 mutant phenotype in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Meet Anne Sternberger

PhD Plant Biology, 2019
Ohio University, Athens, OH

Anne joined the Wyatt Lab during the spring semester of 2015. She is currently a first-year PhD student in the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology. Her research involves annotating the Viola pubescens genome for later use in examining the gene(s) and environmental cues that may responsible for the developmental switch from open, abiotic or biotically pollinated chasmogamous flowers, to those of closed, self-pollinating cleistogamous flowers. Anne’s hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed her undergraduate studies at California University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in biology and conducted research on the embryonic effects of teratogenic agents and the epigenetic modifications they cause. 

Meet Chris Benson

bensonChris Benson is from Groveport, Ohio – 20 minutes southeast of Columbus. Benson is an environmental plant biology major. He attributes his interest in plants it to his grandfather – a small-scale farmer. When Benson was still in high school his grandfather loaned him some of his old equipment and a little land, and he encouraged Benson to try his hand at growing a crop. This experience awakened in Benson a passion for agriculture. He continues to grow 25 acres of corn or soy beans every year.

Benson joined the Wyatt Lab during the Spring 2015 semester. He is currently working on the microarray project to identify the genes driving plant gravitropic responses. The genes in his study have not been previously linked to plant responses to gravity.  

Meet Colin Kruse

colinB.S. Chemistry, Ohio University (2012) 
OHIO University, Athens, OH

Colin joined Dr. Wyatt’s research group in the fall of 2014. Currently his work includes two projects: 1) analysis of RNA from plants flown on the International Space Station and 2) tool development for network analysis of gene expression data. The spaceflown plants were grown from seed in the microgravity environment of space and could prove crucial in the identification of gravity related genes. Colin currently serves as lab manager allowing him the opportunity to learn the logistics involved with supporting a large group of highly active undergraduate researchers.

Colin is also applying to graduate school with hopes of joining the Wyatt Lab as a master’s student.