BRIC-20 Spaceflown Experiment Samples Returned

Despite a winter storm and icy roads, a NASA contracted FedEx vehicle arrived Wednesday to deliver the space flown test and ground control samples to the Ohio University Wyatt Lab.

BRIC-20 Return 1 BRIC-20 Return 2 BRIC-20 Return 3 BRIC-20 Return 4 colinBRIC-20 Return 4BRIC-20 Return 6

Dr. Wyatt took custody of the NASA marked “Critical Space Items” while a few locals and lab researchers watched with excitement. The delivery marks the next milestone in the Wyatt and Luesse Lab joint experiment with NASA to identify and map the genes responsible for plant responses to changes in gravity. The BRIC-20 experiment Arabidopsis thaliana seed samples germinated aboard the International Space Station in microgravity conditions for 72 hours before being fixed, frozen, and returned to Earth. The next milestone in the project is for the Wyatt Lab team to analyze both space-flown and ground sample proteins and RNA.

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