Dragon Capsule Returned to Earth

On February 10, 2015, The SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft was released from the International Space Station’s robotic arm. The capsule was then maneuvered outside the vicinity of the space station in preparation for its return trip to Earth.

Roughly five-hours later the capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 7:44 p.m., 259 miles southwest of Long Beach, California marking the end of the BRIC-20 space flown plant experiment time aboard the International Space Station.

The capsule returned with about 3,700 pounds of NASA cargo and science samples from the International Space Station. A SpaceX vessel recovered the Dragon spacecraft and then shuttled it to Long Beach. The BRIC-20 space experiment will be returned to NASA. BRIC-20 co-principle investigators, Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Luesse, will later rendezvous with the space-flown BRIC-20 canisters at Kennedy Space Center to personally de-integrate the science.