BRIC-20 Experiment Docked to Space Station

Photo: NASA TVThe SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft carrying the Wyatt/ Luesse Labs BRIC-20 space experiment is now berthed to the Harmony module of the International Space Station. The hatch between the newly arrived spacecraft and the Harmony module of the space station is scheduled to be opened today. The capsule will spend four weeks attached to the station before returning to Earth with the Arabidopsis seedlings germinated in space for analysis.

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Lift Off

We are happy to announce the Wyatt/ Luesse Labs BRIC-20 space experiment has launched. SpaceX Falcon 9 roared off the pad at Space Launch Complex 40 to place a Dragon cargo capsule on a path to the orbiting laboratory.

To learn more about this launch, read Steven Siceloff’s article “Dragon Begins Cargo-laden Chase of Station.

Meet Chris Benson

bensonChris Benson is from Groveport, Ohio – 20 minutes southeast of Columbus. Benson is an environmental plant biology major. He attributes his interest in plants it to his grandfather – a small-scale farmer. When Benson was still in high school his grandfather loaned him some of his old equipment and a little land, and he encouraged Benson to try his hand at growing a crop. This experience awakened in Benson a passion for agriculture. He continues to grow 25 acres of corn or soy beans every year.

Benson joined the Wyatt Lab during the Spring 2015 semester. He is currently working on the microarray project to identify the genes driving plant gravitropic responses. The genes in his study have not been previously linked to plant responses to gravity.