Dr. Wyatt Awarded Presidential Teacher Award

_Wyatt-PT-Award 2014September 23, 2014 – Dr. Wyatt was awarded the Ohio University Presidential Teacher Award. She was nominated by students and peers for her innovative teaching practices, curricular leadership, student mentoring, and scholarship. She will hold the title of Presidential Teacher for three years. Congratulations, Dr. Wyatt!


Space Experiment Milestone

Since beginning work on the NASA sponsored space flight experiment, Wyatt Lab researchers have plated more than 70,000 Arabidopsis seeds. Many of the seeds were hand-counted, and all of them have been used to refine the RNA and protein extraction protocols for seedlings germinated in microgravity environments.


Figure 1: Graduate researcher, Proma Basu, plates seeds in preparation for placement into a simulated BRIC environment. For the space-flown experiment, each plate contains 800 seeds.