Good Travels, Avery

Avery E. Tucker is leaving us after a long and productive term with the Wyatt Lab. Avery started working in the Wyatt Lab Fall 2011 as undergraduate researcher and has served as a research assistant since December 2013 after graduating from Ohio University with his BS in Plant Biology with a minor in Chemistry and an East Asian Studies certificate.

Tucker departs August 26th for Harbin, China on a 14th month Fulbright Project that will take him to the coldest and hottest parts of China. He will stay in Harbin until December and then relocate to Wuhan, China – known as one of the “three furnaces of China.” He will remain in Wuhan until October and then return to the US.

Tucker will be studying the micro ecosystems that are responsible for creating the unique flavors of the popular snack known as”stinky tofu.” The Fullbright project pulls together two of Avery’s passions: Asain culture and fermented foods. In preparation for the trip he has been learning Chinese and researching ancient and little known Chinese fermentation processes. Tucker will use metagenomic techniques to sample for previously unknown microorganisms. Eventually, he hopes that his research will bring a new understanding of the dynamics involved with traditional fermented foods.

While in China, Tucker plans to keep a photojournal for his friends and family. We’ll post information about Avery’s photo journal as soon as it is up an running, so you can share in the adventures of this young researcher.

Wyatt Lab members and many of Avery’s friends and Wyatt Lab members attended a farewell party hosted by Dr. Wyatt at her home. Good Travels, Avery. We’ll miss you!

Good Travels Avery

From left to right: Josiah, Zak, Marilyn, Avery, Adam, and Dr. Wyatt