Talking shop with Dr. Wyatt

Dr. Wyatt paused to answer a few impromptu questions about her research. Twelve minutes later she was out the door and heading for the Plant Biology 2014 conference and on to the Kennedy Space Center for BRIC-20 SVT part 2.


  • 0:04 – Why is it important to understand the mechanisms of plant signaling?
  • 1:49 – What is it about plant signaling that keeps you awake at night?
  • 3:26 – You’ve won numerous teaching awards and at the same time you are an active researcher and leader in your field. How do you balance the demands of teaching and research?
  • 5:25 – You are a scientist with one foot firmly in the Humanities. What synergies are made possible by this stance?
  • 7:00 – What role will plants play in space travel or space colonization?
  • 8:58 – How does your research contribute to this.
  • 10:04 – What important questions remain that are driving your research?