Meet Marilyn Hayden, Graduate Student Researcher


M.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology, (Anticipated May 2016) B.S. Biology, Ohio University  2013

Marilyn is currently a Masters Student in the  Molecular and Cellular Biology program. Her current research involves assembly and analysis of RNAseq data from  in the BRIC-20 experiment and development of a microgravity gene network.  From her analysis of the RNAseq data,  she will identify differentially expressed mRNA transcripts specific to germination and early development of Arabidopsis seedlings in space. The RNAseq data will also provide an additional expression profile for the microgravity gene network. Marilyn is also working to identify the mutation responsible for the Arabidopsis mutant gps6.  A typical day in the lab for Marilyn includes compiling publically available spaceflight expression data, creating pipelines for next generation sequencing data,  phenotype analysis of gps6 and RNA extractions. When she is not in the lab, Marilyn enjoys hiking around Athens with her dog and making jewelry for her friends.