Meet Avery Tucker, Research Assistant


  • BS, Environmental Plant Biology, Ohio University (2013)
  • BA, East Asian Studies, Ohio University (2013)


Avery joined Dr. Wyatt’s research group during the fall quarter of 2011. He is currently working from a set of microarray data to identify putative genes involved with the gravitropic signal transduction pathway. By selecting for T-DNA gene knockouts followed by mutant phenotype characterization and submission to the GPS treatment he hopes to find significant genes. A typical day in the lab involves running PCR and RT-qPCR, tending to plants, and reading relevant literature. While in the lab he has had the opportunity to give both poster and oral presentations.

Earlier in April Avery was accepted into the U.S. Student Fulbright program to conduct research in China. At the end of August he will be moving to Harbin, China to first learn Mandarin, then relocating to Wuhan begin his research project. The project focuses on assessing the potential that fermented foods would have as edible vaccines.