My Plant Story – Avery Tucker

avery_tuckerCity Garden
Avery Tucker

When I was in elementary school I lived in Ohio City, a mile or so from downtown Cleveland. Our family had a small garden plot and each year during the spring and summer we would plant tomatoes, basil, strawberries, and cucumbers. Pesto was a staple of the summer and early fall and I was always sent to school with a fresh bag of cucumbers to snack on. I enjoyed watching the cucumbers grow. When you’re small these giants could grow bigger than your arm, yet they were easy to pick up. These were my favorites to pick from the garden.

Another great part about gardening was planting seeds because you would get to play in the soil. While planting seeds I would get side tracked and focus on digging deep holes in order to unearth worms, grubs, ants and other creatures. I would take bits of strawberry and cut them up for the ants and watch as one discovered the prize and a cascade of others followed.

Living in Athens, Ohio I continue to keep a garden, growing and tending to the herbs, fruits, and vegetables.