My Plant Story – Zak Hall

Zak HallEarth Day
Zak Hall

When I was in elementary school, one year everyone in my class received a baby pine tree on Earth Day. I took home my plastic bag full of dirt and pines needles, initially puzzled, but my father insisted that I plant it. He was always an avid gardener, but I never understood why until I planted my own tree. This turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable, and we started a tradition of planting a tomato garden every summer. Despite the hard work and summer heat, there was something special about caring for plants and eventually harvesting them. I realized how plants can connect people and their importance to life on Earth. Every summer I could see the pine tree from Earth Day was growing larger, and fifteen years later it’s probably twice my height. It’s fascinating to think the same tree that showed me the connection between plants and people will inhabit Earth far longer than me.