My Plant Story – Kevin Green

Kevin Green – Student ResearcherBlackberries
Kevin Green

My friend and I were hiking and camping in the Zaleski forest. It was summer and starting to get hot. We had planned on doing a 21 mile loop that supposedly had some water pumps along the way so we had just brought a small amount of water to drink. After the first night, we finished all the water we brought. We went to fill up our bottles at the pump near the campsite, and sure enough the pump was completely dry. At that point we had to make a decision whether to keep going or turn around. There were about 15 miles of the loop left and it was going to be a very hot day. We decided to keep going because we were hardcore and who needs water anyway.

There was another pump about 6 miles after that first one. We continued, sure that there would be some cold and delicious water waiting there. Once again, the pump had no water. This was a very unfortunate coincidence. I felt that the spirits of the woodland had bestowed a curse upon us for our arrogance.

However, there was no choice but to continue. We walked through a trail that took us up to the top of a ridge. As soon as we got onto the ridge there was a blackberry bush. I have never tasted blackberries that were as good as those. We foraged around for a while then kept walking. As it turns out the whole trail for the next 2 miles or so was covered in blackberries. They were juicy and delicious and provided us with all the water we needed.