NASA Announces Wyatt Flight Experiment on International Space Station

Among the 31 space biology research proposals NASA announced on May 29 for immediate implementation is an experiment with Arabidopsis seedlings by Dr. Sarah Wyatt, Professor of Environmental & Plant Biology at Ohio University

NASA will fund the “Research Opportunities in Space Biology” proposals to help investigate questions about how cells, plants and animals respond to changes in gravity. Nine flight experiments will be conducted on the International Space Station, 14 ground-based studies are designed to lead to the development of hypotheses to be tested on space station, and 8 proposals to collect preliminary data by investigators new to space biology. Selected proposals are from 21 institutions in 13 states and will receive a total of about $14.9 million over a one- to four-year period. Scientific and technical experts from academia and government reviewed the proposals.

Wyatt’s experiment is an International Space Station flight experiment on “Proteomics Analysis Of Arabidopsis Seedlings In Microgravity.”

“This is a big adventure. Just figuring out what it takes to do a spaceflight experiment is monumental: the acronyms, the hardware, the paperwork, refining and detailing the experimental parameters, the timeline, the pressure,” Wyatt says. “It’s not like we can just redo this if something doesn’t work. It’s a steep learning curve! But really exciting. Our stuff is going to fly!” Read more …









Source: Ohio University College of Arts and Sciences Forum

Photo Credit: Ohio University College of Arts and Sciences Forum



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